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Learning how to swim is beneficial for a numbers of reasons. For safety reasons alone, learning to swim is valuable for children that spend time near pools. It is also a great way stay healthy, develop communication skills and a fun way to interact with others. Whatever reason you have to take on swimming, The Pod offers a wide array of programs for both Youth and Adult learners.


The Pod was founded by Gail Harris. Since its inception, The Pod has developed a team of dedicated staff and aquatic instructors committed to teaching valuable and fun aquatic skills in an efficient and engaging manner. Learn more! Contact us at swim@podaquatics.com.

Healthy Living

Swimming is a form of exercise that can be continued throughout your life. Swimming as an activity builds cardiorespiratory fitness, muscle mass, burns lots of calories and is low impact. So if you want to remain fit - swim!

Kids and Swimming

Safety around water is the best reason to enroll your child in swimming lessons. But that's just the tip of the iceberg. Swimming helps your child develop strength and coordination as well as teaching confidence and motivation.

Injury Recovery

While exercise can be acheived through a variety of sports and activites, swimming offers a low impact way to develop or regain strength. Swimming may be the way to go if you have suffered from an injury and want to regain strength and coordination.


Activities around water are everywhere. Whether its the beach, swimming pools or water parks, having the skills to swim can open you up to many exciting individual or family activites.

Our Services

The Pod offers a variety of swim programs for both youth and adults. Contact us at swim@podaquatics.com to learn more about our programs


Private Lessons • Learn to Swim • Group Lessons • Strokes Mechanics • Competetive Team Training

Youth infant

Private Lessons • Infant Aquatic Survival • Swim/Float/Swim


Private Lessons • Learn to Swim

Adult - advanced

Triathlon Training • Aquatrend Workout • Private Training

Enjoy year round aquatic services with our indoor heated facility!

Our new facility has an 4 lane 25 yard lap pool as well as two smaller pools allowing us to support both youth and adult swim programs. The facility also has changing rooms, rest rooms and a child friendly waiting area to make it easier for parents with mutiple children.


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e-mail: swim@podaquatics.com

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